Independent Benefit Run

Kai Gonzalez Benefit Poker Run

Tailgators is a favorite spot for area Poker independent benefit run kai gonzales tailgators sports grill locust ncRuns. Wings, burgers, wraps, salads, we got the goods for the munchie time stop on benefit bike runs. Sunday, April 24th we’re the lunch time stop on the Independent Benefit run #23.

Independent Bike Shop facilitates benefit runs and gives 100% of the proceeds to the recipient. We are honored to be included on this poker run for young Kai Gonzalez. We’re sharing this story written by one of her friends.

Kai was in a tragic car accident April 13th 2015. Suffering a broken neck Damage to her Spinal Cord & Brain injury. Kai had bleeding on her Brain, Collapsed Lung, Broken Leg, .Her Mom was treated for a Concussion and broken ankle, Kai is paralyzed from the upper chest down. She cannot stand up nor walk. Her mother dresses her, takes care of all her hygiene needs on a daily basis. At night Mom must reposition her in bed every 3 hours since Kai does not have a pressure relief bed to prevent pressure sores. Something that medicaid will not cover. She must be picked up to be transferred to other places like sofa, bed, beanbag chair and floor mat, Kai’s Mom has always worked hard as a single parent supporting Kai on her own, with no additional help since Kai was a baby. She cares for her 24/7 now and cannot go back to work as of yet ..

The run will begin at Ben’s VTwins in Indian Trail and End at Pineville Tavern in Pineville. Registration starts at 11 am; you can play one hand for $15 and two for $25. Yes they have a winning hand prize but the real reward is helping others. Riding with friends is just a side benefit.

tailgators sports grill locust nc gator on the welcome pageYou can stop in mid-day that day, whether you’re riding or not.  Extend a hand of thanks to those who are, and if it’s in your heart, share a little love with your special contribution.  Tailgators is adding extra percentage of sales that day for the benefit.
Kai’s family appreciates every gesture.

Visit Kai’s Facebook page, or check out the story by Fox News when she received a wheel chair this past January. Stop in to the family’s GoFundMe page and spread some love.