Bike Nite



Thursday summer nights at Tailgators has come to be known as pure southern fun! We call it Bike Nite.  The patio is perched northwest on the highest peak in the area for miles around. Experiencing a sunset here is close to magical and the colors of the western horizon deepen their shades through  rosey orange into  purple twilight of a starlit sky that poets long to pen. That’s just the backdrop.

Every Thursday we host an area band with a reputation of southern rock and blues.  The house is packed as clubs and riding groups end their afternoon rides. Our local family of customers look forward to ending the work day, getting on their bike, hopping in the car with their best buddy and hanging out for tunes and cold beverages.  Meet ups with friends you haven’t seen in a while, or a date nite with your main sweetie, Bike Nites at Gators is a ‘must do’.

It’s Lucky #7 at Gators, our seventh year and seventh Bike Nite season. This year, we introduce our New Summer Menu, heck we’re calling the whole season a Patio Summer. Complete with specials just for the day, and ice cold thirst quenchers from the best mixologist around. Bar specials change every month and some will only be available for Bike Nite. Stay tuned with our Patio Summer, follow our Facebook, you’ll see lots of opportunities to chill in this special place.

The spotlight of Bike Nite is always the music! So here’s the season Line Up.  The Calendar on the website is ‘LIVE’ so check it often. Be sure to click on the date and see the details AND Facebook events will highlight the bands with links to their videos and pages.